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The CEFP is the only facilities credential that focuses on your professional development, and APPA supplies you with the training and tools to make your CEFP credential a reality. Interested?  Don’t let the cost stop you.  CAPPA is offering its members discounted pricing to become certified. Like the college diploma, or other licenses, the certificate or credential belong to the individual, not the institution. The certificate and credential speak volumes about you without you having to say a thing. Step out of the crowd and apply for the CEFP today!
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CEFP Prep Course & Exam

When using the coupon code APPA/CAPPACEFP coupon, contact Jennifer Kindt at [email protected] to receive an additional credit of $137.50 for each successful CEFP exam candidate.  These coupons are limited and will not last long. CAPPA COUPONS ARE LIMITED TO 3 PER SCHOOL PER FISCAL YEAR (4/1 through 3/31).
CAPPA coupons require prior authorization from your immediate supervisor. Please instruct your supervisor to send an email to [email protected] approving you for the course. The email must include your name and email address. 

Supervisor's Toolkit

Supervisor’s Toolkit has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the facilities management professional.  It is a structured, open-ended, and pragmatic approach to developing supervisors.  It is not so much a teach program as a development process, designed to help supervisors realize both personal and professional growth. The program has been newly designed as a full three days of training. To learn about upcoming dates and locations, click HERE.



Continuing Education Grants

Could you use more training funds?  One of the ways that CAPPA serves its membership is through the offer of continuing education grants for an APPA, CAPPA or state sponsored educational opportunity.  Continuing Education Grants (CEG's) are available for individuals who show potential for advancement in the physical plant profession.  Check out the link below for more information about this funding opportunity.

Grant Submission Form

After you submit the form, please email your signed letter of support to: CAPPA PD


CAPPA Express Workshops

The CAPPA Professional Development Committee is please to assist CAPPA members who are interested in hosting regional workshops.  These workshops are a great opportunity for institutions to host, with very little effort and little to no expense, local educational offerings within a few hours' drive of attending institutions.


CAPPA Professional Development Meetings

Meeting imageThe CAPPA Professional Development Committee's key role is to ensure the proper education and development of educational facilities professionals across the entire CAPPA community.  Our charge is to continually evaluate, validate and improve the educational development for the association as well as assist in the offering of the Supervisor's Toolkit, CAPPA Express Workshops, and other educational offerings throughout the year under the CAPPA umbrella.  If you are a creative thinker who wants to implement bold, innovative ideas in the constant review of educational content and explore more effective delivery methods, then this is the committee for you!

The CAPPA Professional Development Committee meets twice annually for face-to-face meetings at the CAPPA Annual Conference and the CAPPA Technology and Leadership Conference.  In addition, committee members meet on the fourth Thursday of every month at 3:30 p.m. CST via conference call.