Application for Educational Session Presentation

Call for Papers - Extended to March 22nd

On behalf of the Central Association of Physical Plant Administrators, “CAPPA”, it is a pleasure to invite you to submit your presentation abstract for consideration for an Educational Session at the 2019 CAPPA Annual Conference.   

We sincerely appreciate your interest in contributing to the success of the 2019 Annual Conference by hosting a focused topic discussion, presenting an educational paper, or offering other beneficial educational content.

The process starts by completing an Application available through the links below. After carefully reviewing each section of the application, please complete all requested information and follow instructions at the end to submit. Because we have extended the Due Date for submission of presentations, notification of the final selections for the conference will be e-mailed by April 19th, 2019.

Direct any urgent questions or issues through a call or email to CAPPA’s Professional Development Co-Chairs:

All other questions about the CAPPA conference, such as how to register or participate as a Business Partner, should be directed to the appropriate chairperson listed on the CAPPA website. Regardless, we are glad to assist with a referral in the event you cannot find the contact that seems appropriate.

IMPORTANT deadlines & details

 Applications for Presentation Abstracts: Extended to Friday, March 22, 2019

  • Individual, panel and joint proposals from education institution colleagues are welcome!   
  • The front end of this application is to be completed by the Primary Presenter (by this, we mean the person responsible for core content).  We also ask for a Back Up point of contact as well.
  • If your proposal involves two or more presenters, you will have the chance to tell us about the others.
  • Are you a Business Partner?  Welcome to the 2019 Education Session proposal process.
    • 2019 guidelines encourage Business Partners presentations from individuals, as well as those with co-presenter(s) from higher education.
    • CAPPA requires that presentations are not a “sales pitch” – since the purpose & focus of conference sessions is education for the CAPPA membership. You will be asked to sign a Code of Conduct pledge, following to your submission of an abstract.

 As you prepare your proposal here are a few requirements and considerations for your submission:

  • PRIMARY CONTACT: Provide the primary point of contact, to include full name, title, institution or company, phone and email address. We also ask for a Back Up contact in order to confirm communications;
  • PRESENTATION TITLE: Should be 50 characters or less. Remember you are “marketing” your presentation for selection, so the title of your Presentation should catch the participant’s eye, while accurately capturing the essence of the presentation. We also ask you to classify your presentation into one of four content categories;
  • “ELEVATOR SPEECH” SHORT FORM ABSTRACT: Your Elevator Speech should be 3 to 5 sentences that build off the Presentation Title. This will be visible in the conference schedule section of our web and mobile apps, and will help conference attendees choose  which presentations to attend;
  • LONG FORM ABSTRACT: Submission of program abstract should be 200 words or less. The long form description should concisely inform participants about the content they should expect to find in the presentation.  It should state the problem or opportunity to be addressed. If this is a joint presentation, it should discuss the relationship between the parties. More is not necessarily better. This is your detailed marketing blurb that will appear in our web and mobile apps and will largely determine whether participants choose to participate in your session;
  • LEARNING OUTCOMES: Submission of no more than three (3) learning outcomes. These are statements that indicate what the participant will know or be able to do as a result of participating in the session. These objectives are used extensively in the review process to select programs that meet the needs of our participants. 

CAPPA will provide a master Microsoft Power Point template for the conference for use by the presenters.


Please be aware that any presenter selected, whether Higher Education or Business Partner, will need to pay full registration fee for the conference.

CAPPA Code of Professional Conduct:  Submission of a Presentation Abstract is acknowledgement of the CAPPA’s expectations for professional conduct for all participants in the Annual Meeting. Following the submission, you will receive a Code of Conduct acknowledgement letter to sign and return to the CAPPA Professional Development Committee. 

To allow us to collect the presentation abstract information in digital format, we request that all submissions be made by e-mail attachment using interactive PDF or MS Word to:

2019 CAPPA Educational Sessions INSTRUCTIONS 03-18-2019

2019 CAPPA Educational Sessions APPLICATION

We look forward to an exciting educational program for the 2019 Annual Meeting in Winnipeg!